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Relationship Web

Coming Soon

The George Eliot Archive will feature an interactive social network (also called a relationship web or, occasionally, a personography) in which the novelist's relations with friends, family members, and business associates are visualized.

For more than 125 individuals who were connected to George Eliot, we have collected portraits (from public domain publications) and written brief biographical summaries (the collaborative work of several research assistants). These summaries were informed by, primarily, The Oxford Reader's Companion to George Eliot (2001), edited by John Rignall.

The relationship summaries were written originally by graduate student Sydney Baty and evolved over iterations and contributions by Susannah Boyer, Megan Ekstrom, Lindsay Roberts, Maxwell Robeson, and Brandon Unverferth.

The George Eliot Archive team especially appreciates the editorial assistance in 2020 of Dr. John Rignall and Dr. Kathleen McCormack for suggestions and corrections. We will continue to add more of Eliot's associates in future iterations. Your feedback (including suggested corrections) will be welcome at bdr0032@auburn.edu.