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Interactive Maps

Explore George Eliot's England

  • Especially for those who have never visited the "George Eliot Country" of Warwickshire or the bustling city of London, this map of George Eliot's England provides an opportunity to virtually explore the places that influenced George Eliot's writing. Zoom into the map for building-level detail.
  • Descriptions, locations, and concept was created by Hailey Fischer as part of her Master's in English at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.
  • Image gallery initiated by Alexis Stoffers.
  • Assistance with locations provided by John Burton, Chair of the George Eliot Fellowship
  • Coding developed by Brad Hughes, Auburn University. 

Explore George Eliot's trips to Italy 

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These maps were designed by Dr. Antje Anderson as part of her Master's in Art History and published on the George Eliot Archive in 2019. 

Future Mapping Projects

The George Eliot Archive will continue to add more maps. Specifically, under construction are interactive maps of Eliot's travels abroad--including her many trips to Germany and her 1867 trip to Spain--but also her domestic travels and various English homes, which will provide important further contextual details for understanding Eliot's life and works. 

These additional projects offer opportunities for collaboration and crowd-sourcing, so please get in touch with Bev at bdr0032@auburn.edu if you are interested in contributing to a George Eliot geo-spatial project.