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AI Text Analysis is a compilation of AI-generated, chapter-by-chapter text analysis of George Eliot's major works of fiction. 

We at the George Eliot Archive were excited by the potential of ChatGPT to provide detailed summaries of Eliot's works. We began using the open access program to extract characters, themes, significant quotations, and generate summaries at the micro (by chapter) and macro level (by book or complete text). On inspecting these results, we found them full of errors. Even the chapter titles were often incorrect.

But then we learned we could access GPT-4 by subscription and generate those same requests after feeding in nothing but George Eliot's texts. Instead of the entire internet, the program would analyze only the original document. It worked! It was able to generate reliable chapter summaries and extract all the information we requested, if it was included in the text.

We plan to use these results to train our Text Explorer tools but in the meantime, we wanted to share all the data we have paid for and amassed in hopes that it will be useful to others.

To see the chapter-by-chapter AI-generated analytics, first, click on a novel in the top row, then click on any chapter in the left column. The extracted data is at the top of the text bok, with the original source text below. These texts are searchable and downloadable, for your convenience. 

Please let us know what you are doing with this data. It's an exciting time to be playing in the field of digital humanities!

Please send your comments and suggestions to Bev: BRilett2@Auburn.edu