George Eliot's Writings

In this section, "George Eliot's Writings," visitors can read, search, and download any and all of the complete works of George Eliot, which are sub-divided into her fiction (novels and short stories), poetry, non-fiction reviews and essays, and the English translations of important Latin and German philosophical works.

Most of George Eliot's writings were published by William Blackwood and Sons in 1876 in a set known as the "Cabinet Edition," which is the standard source for citing passages. The Cabinet Edition, published two years before the author's death, represents her final revisions. 

Any essays and poems that were not included in the Cabinet Edition of George Eliot's complete works are reproduced here exactly as they appeared in the pages of the original publications.

John Cross's three-volume biography of George Eliot was published by Blackwood in 1885 and added to the Cabinet set; we have included those volumes in the "Commentary by Contemporaries" section.