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Sponsors & Advisors

Advisory and Contributing Editors

Since their inception, the George Eliot Archive and its sister sites, the George Eliot Review Online and the George Eliot Scholars digital commons, have relied on the advice and contributions of many advisory and contributing editors.

We deeply appreciate the expertise and assistance of the following advisors (listed in alphabetical order rather than by duration or type of contribution):

  • Emily Bell
  • Anne-Marie Beller
  • Antonie van den Broek
  • John Burton
  • Eleanor Dumbill
  • Charlotte Fiehn
  • Constance Fulmer
  • Beryl Gray
  • Margaret Harris
  • Brenda MacKay
  • Linda Mayne
  • Kathleen McCormack
  • Bob Muscutt
  • Kenneth Price
  • John Rignall
  • Katherine Walter
  • Aurora Wheeler
  • Adrian Wisnicki