Sibree, John (1795-1877)


Sibree, John (1795-1877)


John Sibree was a Coventry clergyman, friend, and correspondent of George Eliot. His daughter was Mary Sibree, whom Eliot tutored in German, and his son was John Jr., who shared George Eliot's intellectual curiosity, especially regarding religious subjects. He also taught Eliot some Greek. The Sibree family were among Eliot's first acquaintances when she moved to Foleshill with her father in 1841. John Jr. encouraged Eliot to express lively, radical, even vehement views on race, revolution, royalty, and the arts.
Sibree came to abandon the ministry after Eliot's challenge to express his religious faith, finding that he could not.
Mary Sibree married John Cash, a Coventry weaver, ribbon supplier, and friend of Charles Bray who purchased Rosehill, the Brays' home, after Charles was forced into bankruptcy.


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