Simcox, Edith (1844-1901)


Simcox, Edith (1844-1901)


Edith Simcox was a lesbian and early feminist who struck up a close friendship with George Eliot that fueled Simcox's writings and community contributions. Simcox's excellent review of Middlemarch for the Academy in 1873 led her to meet the author. Simcox wrote extensively about her unrequited romantic love for Eliot in her personal journal Autobiography of a Shirtmaker. After the death of George Henry Lewes, Simcox considered herself a rival with John Cross for Eliot's affections and foresaw with jealous insight the marriage of Eliot to John Cross in 1880.

Professionally, Simcox was a journalist who published reviews as H. Lawrenny; she also opened a women's shirt-making operative, was an active trade unionist, and was elected to the London School Board following community members' urgings that she serve. in 1881, Edith Simcox published a memorial tribute to Eliot in Nineteenth Century.


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