Lewes, Herbert "Bertie" Arthur (1846-1875)


Lewes, Herbert "Bertie" Arthur (1846-1875)


The youngest son of George Henry Lewes, Herbert 'Bertie' Lewes attended school in Switzerland in 1857, a year after his brothers set out to the same school. He returned to practice farming in Scotland before following his brother Thornton, 'Thornie,' to Natal, Africa, to farm. In 1869, Thornie returned to England with fatal spinal meningitis, but Bertie continued to eke out a living in Natal. In 1871, Bertie married Eliza Harrison, the daughter of another Englishman, and the couple had two children, George and Marian. Shortly after the birth of George, in 1875, Bertie died of tuberculosis, which he contracted while living in Africa.


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