Carlyle, Jane Welsh (1801-1866)


Carlyle, Jane Welsh (1801-1866)


Jane Welsh Carlyle married the historian Thomas Carlyle in 1826 and was one of the first to recognize the importance of George Eliot, after Eliot had an advance copy of Scenes of Clerical Life sent to Jane. While her husband contended that he could not complete any of Eliot's novels and had a complicated relationship to the ideas present in Eliot's work, Jane remained a staunch supporter. Thomas Carlyle's friendship with Lewes was also hindered after he began living with George Eliot.
Eliot sent a copy of Scenes of Clerical Life not to Thomas, but to Jane, who was delighted to receive it. Jane also received an advance copy of Adam Bede. Even before she knew the identity of the author, Jane was one of the first to comment on the lasting importance Eliot was sure to have in the future.


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