Trollope, Thomas Adolphus (1810-1892)


Trollope, Thomas Adolphus (1810-1892)


The elder brother of Anthony Trollope, Thomas was a close friend of George Henry Lewes and George Eliot. Trollope lived in Florence after growing up in England and had one daughter named Beatrice or “Bice” by his first wife Theodosia. After Theodosia’s death, Trollope remarried to Frances Eleanor Ternan. Eliot and Lewes visited Thomas Trollope in 1861, and he accompanied them on a five-day excursion from Florence to monasteries in LaVerna and Cenaldoli, Italy. Eliot wrote of both their arrangements and their host fondly. When in England, Thomas Trollope would dine with Lewes and Eliot and attend their Sunday salon. As a fellow writer, Trollope provided Eliot with suggestions for her novel, Romola.


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