Commentary by Contemporaries

An understanding of how George Eliot’s contemporaries were reading and responding to her published works helps us appreciate her reach, her fame, and her historical significance.

Literature Reviews: The George Eliot Archive team has identified and collected most of the reviews of Eliot’s works written during her lifetime, many more than any printed collection. We’ve found, for example, twice as many reviews of Middlemarch by Eliot’s contemporaries than have been collected previously, and we continue to add more as we find them in various databases of digitized periodicals.

Biographical Studies: In this section, you also will find assessments of Eliot’s life by her contemporaries—everything from brief commentary in periodicals to book-length biographies. Obituary notices are well represented, including several later tributes written by famous authors whose own work was influenced by Eliot’s, including Henry James and Virginia Woolf. Most significant is the biography written by her husband, John Walter Cross, which includes many of Eliot's letters and journal entries. Reviews of Cross’s biography are collected here for the first time.

Virginia Woolf
Times Literary Supplement, 20 Nov. 1919, pp. 657–658.

May Tomlinson
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May Tomlinson
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May Tomlinson
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May Tomlinson
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Lina Wright Berle
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"Mark Rutherford" (William Hale White)
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Herbert Spencer
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Mathilde Blind
1904 (First ed 1883)

Leslie Stephen
Macmillan & Co., 1902

Clara Thomson
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Annie Adams Fields
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1899-07 (July)

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Oscar Browning
Walter Scott, 1890

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Thomas Adolphus Trollope
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Hattie Tyng Griswold
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Eleanor Marx Aveling and Edward Aveling
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1886-01 (Jan)

Abba Goold Woolson
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Margaret Lonsdale
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Sarah K. Bolton
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Author Unknown
Westminster Review, vol. 124, July 1885, pp. 161-208
1885-07 (July)

Henry James
Atlantic Monthly, May 1885, vol. 55, pp. 668–678.
1885-05 (May)

Author Unknown
British Quarterly Review, vol. 81, Apr. 1885, pp. 316-33
1885-04 (Apr)

Margaret Oliphant
Edinburgh Review, Apr. 1885, vol. 161, pp. 514–553.
1885-04 (Apr)

Frederic Harrison
Fortnightly Review, vol. 43, Mar. 1885, pp. 309–322.
1885-03 (Mar)

Edward Dowden
Academy, no. 666, 7 Feb. 1885, pp. 89–91.

E. B. Hamley
Blackwood's Magazine, vol. 137, Feb. 1885, pp. 155–176.
1885-02 (Feb)

Eliza Lynn Linton
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Rose Elizabeth Cleveland
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Author Unknown
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Author Unknown
Westminster Review, January 1882, pp. 65-81
1882-01 (Jan)
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