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Even in an age of digitization, access has been very limited to images of and pertaining to George Eliot. We have scoured out-of-print publications and other public domain sources to assemble the first image gallery of portraits of George Eliot and illustrations of her works. We share these collections here freely to advance multi-disciplinary inquiry. Please reference the George Eliot Archive when you pass them along.

George Eliot Portrait Gallery includes all the known portraits depicting George Eliot that she sat for during her lifetime or reproductions created from these in-person renderings—from the casual pencil sketches of amateur admirers to the art created by professionals after multiple sittings. The accompanying metadata provides contextualizing information about the artists, medium, and composition dates. An introductory essay highlights some of the challenges and mysteries regarding the provenance of several featured portraits.

George Eliot Illustration Gallery includes an ever-expanding collection of illustrations of George Eliot’s works. Currently, there are more than 200 images curated over many years from antique editions, some quite rare. Many of these illustrations will be unknown even to those familiar with the illustrated George Eliot's Works published by New York's Thomas Y. Crowell in 1894. Also collected in their entirety, seemingly for the first time, are Sir Frederic Leighton’s commissioned illustrations for Romola. Details of these rare antique sources will be shared in an essay that will introduce this gallery.